//Husqvarna P525D – Midland Mowers Customer Review

Husqvarna P525D – Midland Mowers Customer Review

I have recently purchased the Husqvarna P525D mower and WOW!! It’s amazing.  Feels like an extension of my body with the articulation of the rear wheel steering and operator position.  I was very surprised on the function and the tight turning circle to go around trees and to trim right to the edge of the grass and garden beds.

The mulching system has a bolt on cover section, which can also be unbolted for a rear discharge option.  When mulching, there is NO noticeable lawn clippings.  With the floating and auto levelling setting on the mower deck which follows the contours gives a roller mower kind of finish.  In autumn there was a lot of leaves on the grassed area and using the mulcher there was almost nothing left after the mow…  I don’t know where they went but this machine took care of it which saved me hours in raking and blowing!!

Then take the mulching section off the mower deck and there is a rear discharge.  I use this in the field where there is thicker, stringy weeds and grasses.  The large Cape Weeds in particular struggled with my tractor PTO finishing mower but with  the P525 there was no clogging, stalling or slipping of the clutch.  The primary use of this machine was to mow on a 30º slope around 325 trees spread over 3 acres.  The task took me 2 hours which I believe could only be done so efficiently with this machine.

The wheels are wide and flat which does not indent the grass and can operate on sloped and angular terrain.  I feel very safe when operating this machine and does not feel like it would roll over easily.  The pilot seat is super comfortable with weight adjusted suspension and arm rests.  360 degree viewing position and full visibility edge to edge of the mower deck gives me a more accurate mow.

The Kubota diesel engine is extremely quite in comparison to other diesel engines.  It has a gentle hum and is very responsive in both forward and reverse.  The transmission and 4×4 integration is awesome.

Clean up at the end of the mow is easy with the 90 degree tilt function of the deck which can be simply pressure cleaned, blades checked and or removed if they need sharpening.

All in all in my opinion this is worth the investment for the ultimate mowing experience!!  The boys at Midland Mowers were very helpful during the process and felt assured with my purchase.  Their technical knowledge allowed me to make a valued decision with a friendly transaction and after sales service.

Thank you Midland Mowers and Husqvarna

Kalamunda, Perth Hills