Husqvarna CEORA™ 544 EPOS™ / RZ 43L / CS4

$50,399.00 incl GST

CEORA™ configuration with large area capacity

A high-performance robotic model for large-area maintenance, featuring Husqvarna EPOS™ technology. Operates autonomously and systematically within virtual boundaries, allowing for flexible and hassle-free turf care. Delivering highly professional results for sports fields or larger facility areas. Will cover: up to 60,000m² for a regular quality of cut (cutting every 3rd day), up to 40,000m² for a pro quality of cut (cutting every 2nd day), or up to 20,000m² for a pro sports quality of cut (cutting every day).

Delivers a professional result on the turf, operating quietly and with zero emissions while in use. This kit includes everything you need to get started with CEORA™, including a CEORA™ 546 EPOS™ drive unit, Razor 43L cutting deck, CS4 charging station, charging station support plate and wheel brush kit. EPOS™

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Fictive system for web NOT FOR SALE
Art no: 970 70 84‑01
Area capacity 38,000 m²
Boundary type Virtual
Maximum slope performance at boundary 15 %
Maximum slope performance inside installation 20 %
Search system EPOS guidance
Follow guide Virtual transport path
Charging system Automatic