Husqvarna TS114

$4,899.00 incl GST

Easy-to-use garden tractor for large lawns

Purposely engineered for ease of use, Husqvarna TS 114 garden tractor delivers an exceptional mowing experience on any large lawn – even in narrow passages. Achieve excellent results without straining your body thanks to its ergonomically placed levers, side-by-side pedals and spring-assisted cutting deck. Conveniently compact for optimised storage, maintenance and operation, enjoy trouble-free ownership and a perfectly cut lawn.
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Cutting deck
Art no: 970 62 25‑01
Cutting width 95 cm
Cutting height max 100 mm
Cutting height min 25 mm
Nose roller No
Anti-scalp wheels 2
Drive system  
Drive method Dual pedal-operation
Speed forward max 9 km/h
Speed reverse max 5 km/h
Cylinder displacement 452 cm³
Motor/engine manufacturer Husqvarna
Engine name HS 452AE
Engine Power (As rated by the engine manufacturer)1 
14.8 hp
Engine Power (As rated by the engine manufacturer)2 
11 kW
Cylinders 1
Generator 12 A
Power/fuel type Petrol
Oil filter Yes